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I really love the different/oversized proportions Alva Skog uses here!!



These illustrations vary in terms of abstraction and some have more details whilst others contain minimal detail, but they still use varying proportions and are so beautiful!!





Venus Uncovered

Venus Uncovered – Bettany Hughes


This was an amazing documentary! I learnt so much about the history of Aphrodite/Venus and how religion and the male gaze depicted people’s perceptions of her. These are some of my notes from it which I will condense into a few bullet points of key information:






Follow-up from The British Museum

I did some exercises with the figures I had drawn from the British Museum.







This allowed me to really look at my drawings and find figures within figures e.g. a figure within a drawing I had already made, for example the lips and nose together (with the rest of the drawing cropped out) could look like a body. This made me then want to experiment with using blocks of colour, rather than lines, and maybe after that combining the two.







Yayoi Animation Development

Originally I wanted to have four sections in the animation. However, I decided to cut out the part I used video animation for – the eyelid dropping down onto her eye. I felt that it didn’t go with the rest of animations and that it was a bit un-needed. I could have gotten lost in the animation as there are so many possibilities, so I decided to have 3 sections and stick with it. When I still had the eyelid part in:


Without eyelid part, just 3 sections:



After the crit, I realised that the transition from the first animation to the second was too quick and abrupt. After playing around with this on Premiere Pro I found one that was a bit smoother and added some more blinking to make it flow better.

Studio 7: Transcription

I worked on doing another layer of ink for the hair, and for the colour I thought either a dark electric blue or a red/orange colour. I decided to go for the orange as I had already experimented with lots of blues, so went to try something different.

My stencil:


This is what I came out with:






I like how the orange has given an extra yellow-green value here




I think the orange balances well with the sketchy purple tones




I was having second thoughts after mixing the orange colour and thought maybe I should do a red instead but I didn’t want the red to be too overpowering, so I stuck with the orange and I really like it next to green. In fact, against the pink it actually makes a reddy colour anyway!




I really like the contrast here with the dark blues and light pink/orange

Studio 6: Transcription

To develop my print further, I decided to look for more figurative shapes this time after having worked with fluid, abstract shapes for quite a while. Looking at my prints, I started to look for ways that I could suggest a body shape through the types of shapes I had been using (as well as try out my stencil).

I looked at some figurative drawings for inspiration:



Please see my pinterest board for more:

I also referred back to Gary Hume prints to help me:


Above left: ‘Magda’, 2012 and right ‘Pink Ponytail’, 2009, both Gary Hume.

As I searched my prints for any kind of shape to work with – I noticed an area in the middle that I could make out a face and hair. I decided that this would be my next stage of development and made a few quick designs of what I could add to my print.






I sketched how I could depict an eye and maybe even an eyebrow, but keeping it only suggestive rather than definite. I decided that rather than cutting out different shapes and laying them on the paper (so that whatever area was left with a shape would be inked) I wanted to only colour a specific part of the paper, rather than a wash of ink all the way over, which is what I had been doing all the way through so far.

So, I made a new stencil for an eyebrow and eye and chose a forest-green colour (keeping it translucent) to begin with. This is what I came out with:



I am really happy with my choice of green – I think it is a really nice touch especially in such a small area as I don’t think it would have worked as a wash all the way over the top of the print.




I think the green works the best on the pink one above as it stands out more and because the fourth blue layer didn’t work (as it was too light) I think it really needed something else to carry it – and the green does just that!


I think the purple/blue slightly overtakes the green here but I think that’s okay as it adds a bit of character to the print and doesn’t overpower the blue/pink layers.


This was the lighter print, and I decided to do a full wash over the top layer with an added stencil of one of my figurative drawings. I love the green over the pink and the translucency of both of these main colours works a treat. It’s not too overpowering and they seem to work really well together. I also really like how my stencil turned out – some feedback I got was that it looked like just a shape at first, then a foetus, then like a woman curled up! I think trying to be suggestive rather than definite has mostly worked with this! I think I will experiment with one or two more layers and see how it goes.