CTS: Humour


Humour comes in many forms and this lecture began with listing the various types. There are key ingredients and theories which partner with these humour types for example incongruity theory, where the viewer’s expectations are thwarted because the joke lies within the inconsistency in question.


For example in the above adverts, you would not expect to see the adorably goofy Wallace and Gromit characters paired with the elegance of Harvey Nichols, creating a light humour. ‘The mismatching often involves the transgression of social norms, or the breaking of established social patterns’ (Kuipers, 2009), thus widening the scope of people who could find it funny.

Often with cartoons or drawings, they may get away with a lot more than they could if it were live action. Take Tom and Jerry for example, their goal in each episode is basically to kill one another, but as a viewer you always know that whatever happens they will stay alive and Jerry will not end up eating Tom. It is this continuity which I think plays an extra part in the comedy as well, because if one of their pranks was to succeed, it would have very sad consequences indeed, and then what would the joke be?

Nowadays, at the height of technology, funny images e.g. memes and videos are instant and you can scroll through one after the other which can cause a desensitization to certain jokes. For example, memes are very popular today and personally it would take a really good one to make me laugh.


Creating our own satirical memes!

Whilst there are political memes, there are also social issues discussed within these, which personally I find easier to understand.

Take the above left meme, you do not expect the artist in the image, Kali Uchis, to ask for a cosmo at the drive thru. This adds a sense of humour using incongruity theory and with the above right image, I feel the laughter is more out of the sense of being able to relate to it as a young woman. In a way this could use relief theory, because it is a relief to know that you are not the only girl who feels this way and it is nice to have that acknowledged. It is also satirical in a way, in the social context of a relationship between a man a woman I’m sure this would be relatable for many women and girls.








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