CTS: Serious Play

Game designers must maintain a playful attitude to their work, right? Otherwise how would the games be fun? It is not always only about ‘having fun’ though, it is also about learning. To learn and to have fun often go hand-in-hand. I learned this lesson not long ago, from my own experience as a tutor for children, that it’s the engagement and enjoyment that brings the best out in learners. If you can present a topic in a fun way, people are more likely to gain an understanding from it and willingly, not just to retain the information.

Edward de Bono’s world famous Lateral Thinking Technique is a prime example of this as it emphasizes the importance of creative thinking. ‘Lateral thinking may take no more than one or two minutes. You try to see things in a different way. You try to find a new approach or a new concept. And if you do not succeed you just drop it and get on with the usual way of doing things.’ (de Bono, 2016).

‘There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.’ (de Bono, de Bono online course). This is refreshing to say the least, as I have often found myself being questioned as to why I am doing an Illustration degree.

Lego is a great example of using creative thinking because it is a fun construction process which naturally stimulates the brain to think about how the pieces fit together. More importantly it is made so that almost any piece can fit with another piece, you may deconstruct and reconstruct, so everything you do is right. The Lego Foundation’s mission statement says ‘Our contribution to the world is to challenge the status quo by redefining play and reimagining learning’ (Ward, 2016)The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method takes place as a meeting and is a problem-solving technique. The participants will answer the trained facilitator’s questions by creating their own model out of Lego and discussing this further. During this lecture we made our own models in groups and discussed each one and the thinking behind it. I think we should place more value on learning through playing because of the freedom it can give to the mind; this is when you have your best ideas.



Making our own lego models!








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