From my research so far, I can gather that Malala sees herself as not just one person, but all young girls around the world who are fighting for their right to an education.


  • Education based
  • Not based on her shooting, but on her future. She is at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, studying Politics Philosophy and Economics. Her inspirations; Benazir Bhutto
  • :

‘The danger for Malala is that the more time she spends away from Pakistan, the less she will be seen at home as a true Pakistani, and the more she will be identified with the West. But she has little time for distinctions between East and West.

“Education is education,” she says. “If I am learning to be a doctor would there be an eastern stethoscope or a western stethoscope, would there be an eastern thermometer or a western thermometer?”‘



‘a committed stubborn person’ (6:25mins)

‘we had a thirst for education’

achieve things that people think only boys can

misusing the name of Islam

I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not

I am those 66 million girls who are deprived of education


why is it that giving guns is so easy but giving books is not

we must work, not wait

More sources:

I think Malala is a person that lives for everyone. She sees herself not just as Malala, but as all the girls who are fighting to gain an education.


Scan 7

My attempts to draw Malala


I have been a bit torn with how to go about this. On one hand I want to show how Malala sees herself; in all girls who are fighting for an education. And on the other, I want to show her as the human being she is, though I think she is absolutely extraordinary and her contributions to society have been immense, she sees herself as an ordinary girl. In the video above she says ‘I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not‘, in terms of her struggle to gain an education. I want to show her as a powerful woman who is living in the 21st century, but I don’t want it to be generic.

Since I have been at uni I haven’t really drawn people, I have gone very abstract. I think this is good as I drew people lots before and I really wanted to experiment with other ways of creating art. I really want to develop my images of people/figures in different ways, so I think now is a good time to revisit people and how I can portray them. In my personal sketchbook I have been experimenting with combining very detailed drawings with minimalistic ones to try to merge my interests, so I am hoping to incorporate this in this project.



National Portrait Gallery

The only picture I managed to take until I got caught 2 seconds later *cry*

At least I got a pic of one of my favourite’s though!



The way that Victoria has ‘Albert’ on her sleeve, I can’t


I prefer the more modern portraits, I don’t really know why. The very old ones put a lot of weight on making the paintings look exactly like the subject and whilst I do like this style, it is almost stifling because they’re very similar. I find the modern ones more refreshing. However, I found it very entertaining that Ugly Betty wears a copy of Anne Boleyn’s ‘B’ necklace! I also really like the above portrait of Charlotte Bronte, her skin is a grey/blue and the surface is cracked (I’m not sure if that’s just with age or if it’s meant to be there) which distinguishes it from what I saw of the other portraits of its time.

I think that portraits definitely carry a narrative with them and they aren’t necessarily just about one person. They are a teller of the time they were taken in and possibly of the people that did/didn’t surround the main subject. They don’t even necessarily have to be of a human, it could be a presence, like the presence or atmosphere a certain place has.


Crit feedback

The feedback I got was really interesting. These are my notes on what some of my classmates said:

  • Animations have a childish mentality, reminds of immature kid – theme of what goes around comes around (from boomerang) – not learning from mistakes (as you tend to do things thousands of times before you learn when you’re a child)
  • Not clear that the character is hit by the boomerang
  • Basic colours = targeted at younger audience
  • Not necessarily illustrating a mistake, just something that has backfired
  • Don’t understand what it means, why juice?
  • Boomerang should disappear out of view for a longer period of time because in reality they don’t fly back straight away
  • Not clear when each GIF begins and ends
  • Titles are too small
  • Could put in an actual cookie
  • Make the character move forward so that it’s more obvious that they’re being followed by these objects = stalking emphasised
  • The tiles (3 animations to a page) could show how the character has moved forward, could have a tree in the background that gets further away so viewer gets more of a sense of movement, they could also be going down in formation, so each one is a bit lower every time
  • Cookies could be there throwing objects at the character – could be that the cookies are throwing the objects back at the character, rather than a boomerang?
  • Needs more objects that get more and more ridiculous
  • Good that I named the tabs, make it even more IN its environment e.g. maybe create pop-ups etc — create a lil website?/webpage?



Named tabs – I’m being chased around the internet

I really enjoy the fact that the tabs are all named and how it makes use of the surrounding environment.

I really enjoyed the crit and found it very insightful. Now I feel there are so many ways to go with these GIF’s, I’m not sure what would be best to illustrate the point more clearly.

I could have the different shapes morphing into one another all in the same beginning scene, then for the boomerang scene and also the final scene, so I still have the three tabs.

I could also carry on with the tiles and make lots more GIF’s in the same style but with different objects, so it opens up so many tabs in the browser. Some could even have pop-ups or malfunctions?

Either way, each idea needs to show more movement, for example having that tree in the background.

Further development

I created another GIF for the series, this time with juice.


I also tried to place all 3 GIF’s on the same canvas to enable them to have the continuity similar to a comic strip.



I’m not sure which I prefer, the comic form or having the GIF’s shown on different tabs. It was quite difficult to put them together as each GIF had to have the same number of frames on the Photoshop file for me to then paste them all into the same document to be on the same canvas, otherwise one GIF would stop before the others had finished etc. So I had to add quite a few more, also the frames have to run for the same amount of seconds and I had wanted the boomerang on its own to be a bit faster to show how quick it moves, so both forms have their benefits.

I have also some issues with the animations glitching etc:

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 21.15.06

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 21.15.36 1

This was quite easy to fix, asI just needed to erase the bottle more on Photoshop but I hadn’t realised because of how big the canvas was.

Inevitably there are some glitches but I know how to go back and fix these. I also found out that keeping the animation timeline in the window whilst also editing gets very confusing as it starts to add all new layers as frames, so that was another learning curve.




For the colours of my GIF’s, I decided to keep them as RGB because I want to emphasis their environment i.e. the internet.


Whilst I’m not a fan of these colours together I like the simplicity of them and I think it suits the location the GIF is placed in.




I added more frames to the above two GIF’s and am much happier with them now. I want to do a series of them, whereby the object being thrown gets more and more ridiculous every time to show how we have adverts coming up all the time on websites of things we’ve looked at only once or twice, but they keep following us around! I want to have maybe a carton of juice (innocent smoothie for the irony?) and other products which are branded to emphasis the advert effect.

Animation Development

I got some feedback for my first animation/GIF attempt which was mainly to add more frames, as the juice carton couldn’t really be seen as everything happens so quickly, and the viewers didn’t really know what was going on, which I completely agree with.

Here is where I added more frames:


I am aware that it’s still not running as smoothly from frame to frame as it could, however it is a GIF and I feel that these are more likely to have less smooth transitions as they are just quick snapshots. I have learnt my lesson though that I need to add many more frames in order to get the smooth effect.

The other feedback I got from my tutorial group was that the whole message about how your data comes back around to you even when you think it’s gone is like a boomerang, and I thought this would have really good imagery.

I decided to attempt a new animation involving different scenes and a boomerang, with more frames.

I started by drawing the different frames and then scanning them into the computer and editing them on Photoshop, rather than drawing it all in Photoshop as I did with the first one.


My notes from the tutorial on how I can convey a clearer message in my animation work.


Some of my frames and practicing how a boomerang looks when it’s thrown.


To help me draw how the little one throws the boomerang I looked at a range of GIF’s including this one:



This was my first attempt at trying out animations completely drawn first. It definitely needs a few more frames, however the example I used to help me had 12 frames and this one I made has 16, so I think it just needs some more work on the movements matching each other from frame to frame.

I thought it would be good to try having a few different scenes to make it simple for the viewer to see what was going on. I decided to created a separate scene of just the boomerang on its own after being thrown and then another one of the boomerang coming back to hit the little figure.


I think this boomerang needs to slow down a bit and maybe needs a couple more frames added.


I used this GIF to help me with the movements of the boomerang.



This little one definitely needs more frames! It has been really good to practice this though and see how the frames look altogether so I can get to know where exactly would benefit from another frame and what this frame should look like.


This was another one that made me laugh that I used to help me with the motions of being hit by a boomerang.