Barbican, Basquiat & Biscuits

It took me a while, probably about two hours, to walk around the whole of the exhibition. I didn’t know much about Basquiat before I went but now I feel like I do. I am interested in the way his work seemed free; the stories about him delivering paintings to Andy Warhol while they were still dripping wet translate how maybe, he wasn’t precious about his work. This is just me speculating, who knows what he was actually like, but this is the impression I got, and this is what I really admire about his work.

I had to sneak a few cheeky pictures –




The above yellow was part of the exhibition space, I really enjoyed the way it was all put together, which had a yellow theme running the whole way through.



By the time I got to John Akomfrah’s installation, I was really tired but once I saw the films, I knew I had to have a biscuit to regain some energy for it !


I think it’s a very important piece: we need to start taking more care of our earth so that we can still enjoy the beauty of the landscapes he depicts in his films.


Save Your Sorries

Coming up with imagery & development









sorry happens a lot in emails –



Enter a caption











I really liked the idea of the sorry bags and thought these two images work quite well together because you can see the women with the bags, but then the bags all on fire




save your sorries – rescue

sorries on fire – destruction





I got a bit lost with this idea and after some more brainstorming came back to the sorry bags. I think the sorry bags multiplied and the bigger fire make a really strong image, but  when I thought back to my concept I felt it wasn’t really clear as to what the subject is actually about, people could interpret this as me saying never say sorry! Which is not my intention at all




I decided to focus on women saying sorry for ‘taking up space’ – so I drew an abstracted version of women’s legs taking up the whole page, with the fire in the middle





save your sorries4.jpg


I also tried having the text come up from the fire as smoke but could refine this a bit more to make it look more like smoke

save your sorries5.jpg



these outcomes are definitely not as strong as the other two, the sorries are just not clear enough and get lost in the backgrounds


save your sorries3sorrying

Analysis of the Written Word: Part 2

To begin, I listened to the audio recording twice and made notes of things that stood out to me.





What I heard mostly drew me to how the suffragettes were displaying ‘a new level of female assertiveness and violence’. I personally am not too interested in the history of the suffragettes, however I respect that they had a cause that they really fought for which allows us as women to vote today. I am not keen on the violence, but female assertiveness is something that really interests me.



not sure where my drawing was leading to –



focus on idea of female assertiveness



Something that immediately came up was how women in particular are often saying ‘sorry’ when it’s not necessary. For example, it commonly happens in the workplace e.g. ‘Sorry, can I just ask…’ or ‘Sorry, could I ask you to…’

This led to how we can often feel like different versions of ourselves in the workplace or at uni, school etc and how we end up almost compromising our personalities in a way, certainly for me anyway




s o r r y

looking at filters (filter your language carefully so you don’t apologise for things you don’t need to), shock absorbers, sorry bins, sorry bags, sorry erasers




the sorry bag – collecting your sorries



Resources:  —- google app!



women saying sorry

things that take up space –

storage almost full



Analysis of the Written Word: Part 1

After some more brainstorming, I came up with a few ideas linking to the style of really using shape and form –



For this first one I was trying to think of instances where you come across a mass of the same thing, behold: Grabber Machine. I thought incorporating this would help to illustrate feeling left out and alienated, as the grabber picks up the circles which look identical (leaving the plain one behind) and takes them to their town, leaving the one ‘different’ one all alone 😦



Again, this second idea shows the circle coming off of a plane (where all the other identical circles have stayed) and floats on a parachute down to an island on its own. I think the large areas of space and the small size of the circle add an emptiness and loneliness to the image.



The third is more intimidating, showing a bunch of obnoxious rectangles bullying the circle into being like one of them. Even thought in the end its shape doesn’t change, he now has a permanent imprint of the rectangle/square. I briefly thought about creating a utopia where even though there’s all these squares, as the image zooms out the squares are actually part of the circle’s housing, showing that it can live comfortably as itself.




Lastly, I looked at how the shape of the paper could even help to illustrate, as well as using triangles/pyramids of which the entrances only allow beings of that particular shape through (nothing else will fit).

I decided to go ahead with my first idea of the grabber machine. I recently watched the new Blade Runner 2049 film and got so inspired by the futuristic sceneries and hazy colours, which I incorporated in my images.


I really love the geometric shapes combined with the warm colours, and just the vastness of the areas in particular.




I was also inspired by a computer game I came across called ‘NO THING – Surreal Arcade Trip’ as the sceneries are so futuristic, incorporating sharp lines and other-wordly colours.






I used a combination of these colours and structures to illustrate my final piece:











Starting Second Year

Analysis of the Written Word’

Beginning second year with a quote;

“It is true that I was born in the West Country and grew up on the Welsh border and while I have Scottish blood on my mother’s side, I also have English, French and Flemish ancestry. However, when people try to make this debate about the purity of your lineage, things start getting a little Death Eaterish for my taste.” – J.K. Rowling, 2014

J.K. Rowling (whose name is Joanne by the way?!) wrote this on her blog during the Scottish Independence Referendum which she was, no doubt, against. In the sense that ‘purity of lineage’ is near enough impossible, the word purity sparks controversy in itself. To be pure is to be ‘Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.’ apparently. The next quote is what she said before the one above;

“I also know that there is a fringe of nationalists who like to demonise anyone who is not blindly and unquestionably pro-independence and I suspect, notwithstanding the fact that I’ve lived in Scotland for twenty-one years and plan to remain here for the rest of my life, that they might judge me ‘insufficiently Scottish’ to have a valid view.”




initial ideas/research


This makes me think of my own blood lineage, being half Greek Cypriot and half English this means that I am not, and could never be, pure. This is due to the fact that my bloodline has been ‘adulterated’ with Cypriot/English blood, thus making my blood ‘poorer in quality’.

I disagree. BLOOD IS BLOOD

In terms of nationalists deeming this an appropriate reason to discriminate against those  who are of a mixed heritage (when they are probably of a mixed heritage themselves), I started thinking about how this impacts on communities and the isolation and alienation which is caused as a result.




I tried to visualise how everyone in nationalist groups believes they are all the same, like robots or products being made in a factory, somehow coming up with diagram-like imagery, all grey and graphs.






layers – DNA consists of layers, both parents whether they share the same heritage or not contribute to this. I really like the above image, the shape and form combined with the landscape scenery almost makes it seem real though you know it’s not.



no nationality


left out / unbelonging – and how do I show what this main entity is being left out/excluded from?




As above, there are circles with a glow of colour around them, and then across the path is a circle filled with colour. The difference between the two entities could literally be something this small.






I am beginning to think about how I can represent this being that feels alienated and whether it will be formal or figurative or a mixture of both, whilst still incorporating the landscape and different textures/jagged lines.